blisters suck

Ok, so I’m confused…

I bought new shoes last night – 1/2 a size larger than what I normally wear so they won’t be so tight – but after putting in 45 minutes on the old elliptical this evening, I still came out of it with the same kind of blisters that I had before. One long one on the inside of each heel and boy, do they hurt! (especially after realizing that I’ve been sitting on my foot for the past hour while using the computer!) I’ve been reading around online and it sounds like trying a different kind of socks might be in order, but if that’s not it, I’m kind of stumped.

They also started tingling a bit when I got to the 30 minute mark, but maybe that’s just the blisters forming or something? My shoes aren’t tight at all anymore now, so I can’t see how that could be the problem, but at this point my feet and I are certainly open to suggestions!

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