Cheaters never win, but they’re getting better odds in Canada now…

University expels cheater scan

“We feel that is a back-end approach. We need to promote academic integrity, we need to teach students what is plagiarism, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and have more personalized ways of checking for plagiarism.”

This is such a cop-out and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a mockery to those students who actually do complete their own term papers to have the student body ban together and say, “We don’t think it’s fair that you’ve got an effective system to check and see if we’re plagiarizing stuff off the Internet! Blah blah blah, human rights, blah blah blah, where’s my Mommy?” We desensitize our youth to everything else in schools that they’re mindless, insecure guppies once they enter the work place, and now they’re complaining that it’s too easy for them to get caught when cheating?! What’s next – McDonald’s has to get rid of the time clock because it sets forth an unfair bias that its employees aren’t just going to show up on time for shifts on their own?

I made up my mind on plagiarism a long time ago because here in the real world, the consequences can really ruin somebody’s life when the shit hits the fan. But yeah, let’s just let them skim over the valuable lesson of why cheating is bad during the school year, too. With the state of affairs today, sometimes I wonder why we even bother with school anymore…


  1. Goddamn kids, not getting off the lawns and making people my age look worse than we already do. X( Christ, it’s not monitoring software, from what I can see it’s just a more in-depth search engine! My generation is a bunch of tards. God damn children of baby boomers. What happened to the LAZINESS of our forebears? Come on, at least laziness when compared with stupid is somewhat commendable…

  2. You know, I personally don’t have a problem at all with checking to make sure kids don’t plagiarize, but in our 1B class a big complaint was that you can be singled out and people can find out easily what you have written about in your papers, like you don’t have a lot of privacy. YES, maybe that’s silly, but I always get this patriot act-esque feeling from databases and systems where you can readily access information about people and their opinions.

    But yeah, complaining simply about the anti-plagiarizing system doesn’t make a lot of sense..

  3. I don’t know – while I’m not in favor of monitoring systems any more than I like the idea of putting GPS chips in cars and then issuing tickets when people get someplace faster than they should’ve, but maybe I just make a special exception when it comes to plagiarism. Ten years ago, it was different because you pretty much just copied out of the encyclopedia and only got caught if it sounded “smarter than you,” in a sense, whereas today people make some real money off of selling falsified papers and whatnot.

    To keep a searchable database of papers to give teachers the advantage over plagiarism may sound harsh, but I’d have definitely given it a second thought if something like that were available for publishing during the Just Laugh days. Less rights, but it sure beats getting a cease and desist notice…

  4. As someone who has used this system from the teacher’s point of view. It’s awesome. It takes the work of having to manually search the internet for sections that appear as if they have been lifted from another source. A very time consuming enterprise. It shows the link to where the information was found and the teacher can look at it himself. It doesn’t decree that a paper is plagarized. A research paper, filled with many facts about an even will probably have a high level of “plagarism” but that is for the teacher to decide. A creative essay shouldn’t have a high level of plagarism.

    This software is phenonemial and that school is retarded. I mean like super shortbus, with flat tires and no stearing wheel retarded.

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