Amazing 2010 Summer Road Trip Review – Best Of… Photos

Having shot over 1,800 photos on this trip, it was hard frankly to even narrow those down to the 135 that I ended up featuring in these blog posts. Nonetheless, even amongst those a distinct handful stood out as my own personal all-time favorites. Some highlighted key moments during the dream, some just turned out to be nice-looking shots, so if you don’t feel like skimming through the other 33 posts in this series, here are the very best according to me…

whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium

an amazingly adorable moment shared with the Coca-Cola Bear

Brandi wishing that she could get through just one family visit without Lori or me shoving a camera in her face…

incredibly well-lit tyrannosaurus rex at Science North‘s dinosaur exhibit

the awesome view out our hotel room at Niagara Falls

purdy flowers seen while we were walking around the overlook areas by the Falls

a neat view of a bridge disappearing into the mountains somewhere along the Hudson River

although admittedly blurry, I thought this was a pretty shot of all of the colored banners representing the different brands that Hershey’s owns

a lucky view of the Washington Monument at sunset that I caught on our way back to the subway

Walt always said that nighttime was extra special around his parks, and apparently it also applies to his hotels as well

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