So the picture above is actually about 10 years old, of one of my last light displays at my Mom’s house before I moved from Northern Michigan down to sunny Florida. I’ve always gotten a real kick out of putting up lights for the holidays, although for what it’s worth even though I’ll admit that the snow adds a certain quaint ambiance to the scene, I can’t deny that not having to shovel it as well as being able to put up the lights in shorts are two perks of living in the south that I particularly enjoy!

I would’ve loved to post a picture of our house this year, but sadly I kinda fell behind the ball and only put up an embarrassingly small number of lights the other night on a couple of bushes out front. Part of the problem is that we have an extraordinarily tall house, making it seemingly impossible for me to hang lights around the perimeter of the roof because A) I’m a wuss who’s afraid of heights, and B) we don’t have a ladder that reaches that high anyways. It’s still something that I want to figure out for next year, though – this house just has too cool of a street presence to not take advantage of it by lighting it up brighter than the North Star for one month out of the year…

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