anticipations of a chilly vacation!

So with only a precious few days left before we find ourselves running smack dab into our Christmas vacation on the horizon, I’m starting to get a little, shall we say, concerned about just exactly what kinds of weather conditions we might expect throughout the duration of our journey.

I asked the oracle what the fates had in store for us, and it returned the following…

You see, our plan is first to drive up to West Virginia, where we will gather for Christmas with all of my wife’s family, and then push onward even further north to Michigan, my own personal stomping grounds, where we will ring in the new year and hopefully not find ourselves catching hypothermia along the way. Did you see those lows?! I wouldn’t wish a frozen drink on somebody with those kinds of blizzardy temperatures, and yet we’re actually making plans to willing visit an area where those numbers aren’t just the ages when most of the local residents actually graduate from high school!

I kid, I kid, but seriously … it’s already painfully obvious just how ill-equipped these two Floridians are for this trip. I mean, just tonight we finally went out and bought ourselves coats. Thanks to that same trip, I now own two pairs of pants. I try to think back to the last time I actually drove on snow-covered roads, and all I can picture is just a car recklessly spinning out of control off the side of a cliff…despite there not really even being any cliffs in Northern Michigan!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s a good chance I might not actually make it out of this trip alive. I think rigor mortis is already starting to set in every time I even glance back up at those temperatures in the 20’s. Unless I’m able to make like Cleo and grow an auxiliary coat of fur between now and next Tuesday…

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