a Super Nintendo emulator, and what’s inside!

So this is kind of neat – this guy made a PC built inside of a Super Nintendo chassis for running emulators of classic systems…

The thing is:

  1. I’ve always wanted something like this – a box I could plug into the TV to play my old school favorites via emulation because half the cartridges I still have don’t work anymore – but I don’t necessarily care if it even looks like an old console like this … just a PC with a small form-factor would do just fine.
  2. I probably don’t have the skills to solder and dremmel together something to this degree anyways.

That said, I’d be happy with a regular mini-PC, but I’ve always been held back by the interactivity because even when you get the whole thing put together, you still don’t want to have to boot into Windows and click icons and sort through menus to load whatever game you want to play. Thus, my real takeaway from this video is simply that this exists!

Seriously – how sweet does that interface look?! I love all of the big-style graphics not only for the systems, but even game logos, too, plus game play footage and even some little animations. Who knows when I’ll actually have enough free time (and money) to mess around with it, but until then, isn’t it kind of cool even just knowing that something like this exists?! 😉

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