June is Here, Let’s Get It Back in Gear!

You like how I rhymed that and everything for ya?

I still can’t believe that summer’s here already – it honestly feels like we were just getting over the Christmas hump yesterday, so you mean to tell me that in another six months it’ll be time to do it all over again?! Well, I do love me some Christmas, so as long as I can manage to get a few … well, a lot of things done by then!

Even though I’m still a day or two away from finally closing the book on that gigantic, ridiculously demanding project that managed to derail the first part of 2012 for me, in a way I’m already looking ahead to the weeks to come and trying to plot out what I’m going to focus on next once this thing is finally in the books. It’s something that I normally try to avoid because I have a bad tendency to hop around between projects a lot and as a result, I might get 50% through three or four things instead of just all-out finishing one or two…

…but this time I’m feeling a little better about it, I think because the next few things on my list are orders of magnitude more manageable than this last one was, so when I put down a few tasks to do each day, that’s literally the entire project as opposed to being part #37 of section C of BIG PROJECT X that just seems to have really no end in sight! Which I’m hoping will be a nice change because I should see things start to pick up just a bit and getting more things out the door as opposed to simply churning the same over and over is definitely preferable.

I’ve also got several things in the pipeline that are relatively new for me, whether it’s something completely new that I’ve never even dabbled in before or even something that I’ve been away from for so long that I guess it just feels like a fresh face. It can be tough when you work on one single thing for such a long time that you kinda start to get sick of it and just yearn for anything else in the world to focus on instead of that thing that you’re supposed to be doing! Hopefully there won’t be too much of that vibe as I launch this new site in the next couple of days because I do still need to write for it on a weekly basis, though not having the huge list of article backlogs and features to develop will be a welcome change!

So anyways, I really wish that I could say more about specifically what I’m looking forward to working on in the next couple of months, but at least know that I’m pretty excited about each of them and that more importantly, their development cycles should all be a lot shorter so you’ll actually get to start seeing stuff that I’m creating throughout the summer instead of waiting 18 months like has been the case as of late…  😳

Busy busy summer, but let’s bring it on!

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