Blogging vs. Privacy

I’ve always maintained a policy that there are certain things that I personally won’t blog about.

  • Relationship stuff that could come back to bite me later.
  • Work stuff that could come back to bite me later.
  • Family stuff that could come back to bite me later.

See a bit of a trend here?

As much as I enjoy blogging as a personal outlet for getting my ideas out in the open, and venting, and just thinking through things on paper (screen), it’s also no secret that people sometimes get themselves in a lot of trouble by posting about something online that they should really just be discussing directly with the other person who’s involved. Sure, it’s easy to assume that the other person might not ever even see your post, and that’s all well and good right up until the point when they actually do, and then what?! Good luck digging yourself out of that hole… 🙁

The reason that I bring this up today, of all days, is actually because inversely right now I’m trying to argue down the opposite side of that equation because for a lot of people, myself included, blogging really is sometimes the best way to organize our thoughts, much in the same way you would’ve done with a journal or diary 20 years ago that you kept under the corner of your mattress! Only difference here, everybody in the world has access to your mattress and your diary is automatically indexed by keywords, making it infinitely easier to find out who’s been bitching about you online than it was back in the day of spiral bound notebooks with cheap, little $2 padlocks built into the cover.

Trouble is, I have something that I’d very much like to go off on a rant about right, but ultimately I know that it’s in my best interests to keep it private and deal with it in a non-public setting. And I don’t say this in a vague manner to leave you guessing, wondering if it’s marital problems or work problems or some funky rash that I recently found (I can tell you for sure that it’s none of these three reasons!) … but more so just to vent that it’s a little frustrating for somebody whose passion is words to not actually be able to use them to address a particular stumbling block in my life. I know that I could easily pound out a couple of thousand words and get some of the weight off my chest … but the aftermath of such is what’s instead driving me to write around the subject in this pseudo attempt to release a little energy without also welcoming a whole new dimension of fuck into my life!

For what it’s worth, I’m sure you’re even more confused than ever by this point, but I actually think that I feel a little better, so … thanks? 😉

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