Angry Birds Star Wars?!?!?!


This one came very much out of the blue on me – I had no idea it was coming until I saw a tweet this morning!

That said, I played through a little while I was sniffling in bed this morning and from what I’ve seen so far, they did a really good job with it! The cut scenes are cute without taking a huge amount of time (I think we all know the story by now!), and the levels seem to mix the mechanics from a lot of the older games (including Space!) and also introduce some new ones as well. The character tie-ins with the individual birds, as you can even see from the logo screen above, was really done well, too.

Plus, it’s 99 cents – I love that price point where I’m willing to click Buy without even thinking about it because it’s so cheap … and then to end up scoring a really great game to boot!

May the force be with you! WeEeeeee!!!  8)

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