Form Blazing Sword!!!

This is awesome. And now that I finally have an Xbox, I can actually play it!

Here’s another trailer with lots more gameplay – looks pretty sweet…

Now one thing that isn’t really shown in either of the official trailers, but I found in someone else’s play through that the actual forming of Voltron – arguably the coolest part of the entire show – isn’t actually shown, instead substituting in the original sequence from the cartoon and adding some controls for bonus points over that. It makes me kinda curious to see how much footage from the show they actually used – on one hand, some of it could be a neat story-telling device, but too much and it kinda screams that they just didn’t feel like animating more of it themselves! 😯 And I don’t expect everything to be animated because I certainly get that this franchise is 20 years old and all, but the formation of the hero character in all its glory would’ve been cool.

Holding judgment until I get a chance to download it on XBox Live and check it out for myself, though. Go lions!!!

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