LEGO Lord of the Rings!!!

Now I never really got into all of the Harry Potter sets that LEGO has released for the last decade, but this is something that I can really get behind in a big, bad way…

I’d be kind of curious to know what’s going on over at the camp of whoever controls the rights to those movies because not too long ago I actually heard a very random rumor about Universal Studios signing a licensing agreement to create a Lord of the Rings area at Islands of Adventure, under the auspice that they’d eventually need to gut the Marvel area because their competition (Disney) now owns Marvel. Completely rumor, mind you, especially because I don’t even have a link handy to point you to the source on that one, but still, if there’s anything that could actually get me to have a little more respect for Universal standing next to the near-perfect, big brother that is Disney, it would be allowing me to dive headfirst into Middle Earth and fight Sauron’s forces alongside Aragorn and Gandalf and all of those little Hobbitses!

Still, in the meantime it looks like Lego Lord of the Rings is very much confirmed because they issued a press release on it, so I’ll take some toys while I await the possibility of a theme park attraction any day… 😉

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