Really, there’s no need to sing about it…

I’d like to punch the marketing executive who thought it would be a neat promotion to have retail workers sing a goofy, little tune every time something mundane happens in their store.

Today I had lunch at Panera and as I was ordering, another girl walked by with a fresh basket of bread while also singing a song about fresh bread!

Nobody is this happy at work. It’s clear that the employees are forced to do that kind of stuff – like how whenever you leave a tip at Coldstone, everyone has to sing some clever jingle about tipping in appreciation. Frankly, it actually makes me less likely to want to tip them just because I don’t want to have to endure the stupid song!

I go to Panera because I like sandwiches and Coldstone because their ice cream is fucking amazing … call me a curmudgeon, but I guess I could just do without the impromptu karaoke sessions… 🙁

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