Thin Post : The Green Giant Challenge

I think I’ve been sabotaging myself with my weight loss efforts the last couple of weeks.

Not on purpose, mind you – I certainly really do want to lose the weight and someday be a not so large individual, but despite having been really pretty good about my exercise schedule as of late, I’m still not losing as much as I would like and my best guess at this point is to point the blame squarely in the face of snacking.

Pop-Tarts. Single serving bags of chips. Candy.

All vending machine-type foods that are easily accessible while I’m working – short, quick bursts of sugar that are gone far too quickly and often lead me to wanting even more once the original package is empty. And I’ve tried to justify a lot of them by citing that somehow they still fit within my calories, but I still know deep down that an apple or something would be much more filling (and less calories to boot!) than a 400-calorie package of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts! 🙁

Like I mentioned earlier today, I’ve just got to ramp up my losses to more than 0.4 pounds/week if I’m ever going to reach my goal, so for the next week I’m issuing myself a challenge … a vegetable challenge!

For the next seven days, I want to avoid these kinds of detrimental, sugary snacks completely and instead, when I hit that hunger point in the mid-afternoon when I would normally grab something bad for me, I’m going to try to go nuke a package of frozen vegetables instead. I may take a bit of a hit with the sodium, but the drastic reduction in calories/sugar/fat/etc… should by far still make it worthwhile, and I can guarantee that I’ll be a lot more full after eating a bowl of vegetables than I am after eating a mere candy bar or something like that.

I hate making these kinds of sacrifices (snackrifices?), but even now I just end up feeling guilty about them 10 minutes after I finish, anyways. And if it ends up having the effect on the bottom line like I think it might, then it’ll definitely be worth it!  😀

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