2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 11 – A Convertible Christmas

I’m not gonna lie – I honestly don’t really even put down the top in my convertible anymore … not even during the summer, save for those super hot days when it becomes painfully aware that I still haven’t fixed my stupid air conditioner. But otherwise it’s kind of a pain, and my hair gets all messed up and I end up looking like one of those troll dolls by the time I reach my destination, and this post just turned into my own little first world problem…

But nonetheless, every now and then around this time of year – even though it isn’t particularly hot out – I like to suck it up and put it down and just drive around with the top down because I can, because when it comes to weather, I’m the kind of guy who loves to gloat, and because people up north have been complaining about snow all week long!

I might miss the snow for about an hour and a half on Christmas morning, but on nights like tonight, I’ll take another 69 degree Christmas in Florida any time… 😀

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