customer service done simple and right… (thanks, Amazon!)

Best Buy should take a cue from Amazon – this is how customer service is supposed to work…

I e-mailed Amazon earlier this evening to follow-up on some Amazon Prime purchases that had been delivered late:


The items listed above sent in two shipments were not received according to the Amazon Prime Guaranteed Delivery Dates: 

Shipment of XYZ (and 5 other items) was guaranteed delivery on Thursday, 12/5 by Lasership, however it did not arrive until Saturday, 12/7. 

Shipment of PDQ was guaranteed delivery on Friday, 12/6 by UPS, however it did not arrive until Monday, 12/9. 

I subscribe to Amazon Prime specifically to take advantage of these expedited shipping times, especially during the holidays. Please advise how I will be compensated for these errors. 

– Scott Sevener 

And low and behold, within a matter of hoursI had a response:


I’m sorry to hear your items didn’t arrive by the guaranteed delivery date under Prime two day shipping. This usually doesn’t happen.

To help make up for the inconvenience, I’ve extended your Amazon Prime membership by one month. The membership will now renew on October 27, 2014.

We hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,
Gopikrishnan P

See how they didn’t argue with me and hem and haw about what they could and couldn’t do, and then make me go out of my way to fix their mistake in the first place, ultimately offering no actual compensation for all of the time that I spent resolving their issue??? Their compensation has an actual value of $6.67 (one month of Prime), and yet at least they did something, and I appreciate that!

Take notes, Best Buy, because these are the guys who will actually be selling me my next TV instead of you. 😛

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