Dream Journal : The Shooting

It was an academic setting, though I was unclear if I was in high school or college. But I was in a classroom of some sort, and we were divided up into large groups of maybe 8-10 people.

Out of nowhere, shots were fired.

It wasn’t another student, although the identity of the shooter(s) wasn’t clear. Everyone froze, and without warning several students were killed – all were members of my group.

For some reason it became clear that only people in my group were at danger, though there really wasn’t any context to identify why we had been singled out.

While the shooter(s) were distracted threatening another student, someone near the door took off running, and I followed shortly thereafter. A moment later, the halls were filled with panic and I could feel somebody chasing the both of us, but we both kept pushing through the crowds to put as much distance between us and them as possible.

At one point I pushed myself past a girl in my class whose Mom was an administrator – maybe the principal? – at the school, and she was muttering that she just didn’t know what to do. I remember physically pushing her down the hall and yelling that she had to go tell her Mom so that everyone could be warned.

Later when the chase continued outside, I got the feeling that the principal had “sold us out” to the shooter(s), who said that if they could finish what they had come there to do, nobody else would get hurt. Nice.

It wasn’t until we got outside that I began to realize that this was some sort of professional job – there were many more shooters outside, along with laser grids tracking our movements and pointing us out to the people with the guns. Somehow missiles eventually entered into the equation, and I guess I decided that it was finally time to fight back because in one of my sprints around the common area, I knocked a guard out and stole the remote control that he had been using, then redirected one of the missiles to explode where a bunch of the new shooters had been standing.

It was shortly after I gained the upper hand that I woke up.

First thought upon waking up – what in the hell kind of dream was THAT?! 😯

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