George Zimmerman Acquitted

I don’t want to think about this case anymore.

It’s like despite all of the circus around choosing a jury, they still managed to handpick a jury of all women who somehow found themselves relating more to the assailant than the victim. Those women didn’t see Trayvon as their own son – they saw George Zimmerman as the son or close friend that just got caught up in a bad situation and needed their help.

One even plans to write A BOOK about the trial … just an “observational” book, though, so that should be fine!


This is the last thing that I can watch about this case – it’s an interview from a year ago where Zimmerman cites that he has no regrets about his actions that evening, and that it was “God’s plan” for the events that transpired that ultimately led to the death of 17 year-old kid in his hands.



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