Garden Update – Mixed Results Nearly a Month Later

Wow – I guess I haven’t really posted an update in almost a month, have I?

It’s been particularly busy, and frankly I’ve been particularly disappointed with my garden’s progress that I guess you could say that I’ve been holding out for better news. We got some pretty cold weather the last few weeks, to the point where I actually almost considered throwing a blanket over my plants to keep them warm … but I didn’t, and for a while there I was really starting to wonder if I was going to have to start from scratch because the cold had managed to kill them off.

The last week or so I think they’re starting to recover … well, the tomatoes are, but the cucumbers were subjected to a random Cleo attack and she chewed off a bunch of their leaves to the point where I’m almost wondering if I need to get something to cover them not to protect them from other wildlife, but more so to protect them from her!

Also, I learned that I think my pots are wrong because they don’t have any drainage holes in the bottoms. I kinda just wrote it off at the time when I bought them at the store and assumed that I didn’t need dishes to set underneath them due to a lack of holes, but the more I’ve read about the importance of drainage lately to avoid moldy roots or whatever, I guess maybe you’re supposed to drill them yourself when you get home???

I still need to do that – waiting for an adapter for my drill to arrive to replace the one that I lost a few months ago, but at least they appear to be recovering at least somewhat in the meantime. Not sure how much longer they should grow before creating actual vegetables, but I find it strange that the tomatoes are outpacing the cucumbers now just in terms of sheer greenery whereas three weeks ago it was pretty much reverse that … who knows, maybe tomatoes are more resilient against the cold…

…and dog…



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