Garden Updates – Brickin’ Around the Neighborhood…

So as you can see in the picture below, I finally came up with a solution to Cleo gnawing away at my cucumber plants!


I like to think that it turned out pretty nice, though at 10 pounds a brick * 32 bricks * about 100 feet from the driveway to the backyard * no means to move more than one at a time, it’s definitely safe to assume that I was sweating like a bandit by the time I finally had ’em all piled up neat in that pile!

I didn’t even bother to cement them in place or anything – seems unnecessary at least for now, plus if I ever want to change things it’ll be one less thing I have to fight … but I like how it looks, and that there’s a little extra room there on the lower tier where I’ll probably eventually add two more of the smaller pots if I can ever get these other ones to actually grow…

And as for that, tomatoes are still continuing to flourish, though no actual vegetables yet. I did manage to find a small, battery-powered drill and put a couple of drainage holes in each of the pots, and a lot of really gross-looking water drained out almost immediately, so I guess only time will tell if I was too late or if there’s still a chance for recovery.  😕



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