Garden Update – the first yield…


There are actually a couple more that are looking pretty good as well – I just grabbed these because the vines they were on had nearly fallen to pieces. Plant itself isn’t doing too great these days, mainly because the sun has just been decimating it and I’m never sure when I need to water them and when I can hold off because of rain.

Tomato plant hasn’t really yielded a damn thing, but is still looking so-so … very weak on no water days, but after the latest rainstorm it looked awesome … just no actual tomatoes. I want to try getting a tomato cage for that pot like my Mom recommended – I’ve got a small trellis in there, but maybe they need something a little more formidable for them to climb!

Looking forward to seeing how these things actually taste! I’m not much of a cucumber fan, but my wife is so I’ll let her be the judge.  😕

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