Let’s Make Cake Pops!


Today was fun!

Hung out and did family stuff up here in Michigan all day, the highlight of which was making cake pops which ended up being extraordinarily messy and yummy and fun, as you can clearly see in the picture above from my niece, Madelyn. (click through for more pics!)

My only complaint was that the glaze didn’t work out quite well and the cake wouldn’t stick to the sticks … not sure if the cake wasn’t dense enough or the glaze thin enough or what, but it make decorating them afterwards quite the ordeal. Eventually we all just sort of gave up and dug in with our hands, following Madelyn’s lead, and there was much rejoicing.

Also, apparently kids get super hyper when you let them eat half a dozen cake pops in a row and god knows how much icing and “beans” (sprinkles) off of the rest…  🙄

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