Dream Journal : Driving the School Bus…

So as the title implies, I was a school bus driver, apparently.

It actually wasn’t all that bad except that the bus I had to drive was a piece of crap and the brakes didn’t work very well.

Everything went smooth picking the kiddies up, but when I showed up at the school, something was going down and there was no place for me to park in the front parking lot, so after some careful deliberation I ended up driving my bus up onto the sidewalk so that the kids could just walk inside and avoid all of the random, unexplained chaos that was happening outside!

Just before I was about to open the door, though, I got a call from the principal and he said to hold the kids on the bus because he needed to bust two kids in the back for possession of marijuana. Or so he said because when he and a teacher came out to board the bus, he kind of got the crap beaten out of him by a couple of girls that were fighting near the front of the bus. I mean, they were fine for me, but when I saw him struggling to pull these girls off, suddenly his shirt was all bloody and it looked like he’d gone through hell!

The girls weren’t looking much better…

Anyways, once the drama had departed, I hit the button to open the doors for the rest of the kids and was waving goodbye as they got off when I noticed that the scenery around us seemed to be changing … in that my stupid bus wasn’t staying in one place despite the brakes being firmly engaged! Most of the kids managed to just roll with it (pun intended) and we got all of the kids off within a few feet of the school, so that was close enough.

On my way back to the bus garage, all I could think about was yelling at the garage guys for giving me an improperly maintained school bus.

Exciting stuff! 😉

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