A New Start for 2022

I probably don’t even want to know how many of these posts I’ve written over the years, but I’m promising myself that I’m going to finish this new post before I go back and look at the old ones…

Last week I started a new exercise program.

It’s something that was referred to me by my best friend from childhood – apparently he’s gotten kind of hardcore into fitness over the last couple of years and it’s really transformed his life, which quite frankly is something that I could use myself at this point!

I need to lose a ton of weight.

For health reasons, for appearance reasons, for feeling good in my own skin, much less a shirt with several X’s in the size! None of the reasons have really changed, just the urgency as I continue to grow older and admittedly begin to worry a bit more about how many years I still have left. I have some challenges ahead due to genetic issues that were completely beyond my control, but being 60-80 pounds overweight certainly isn’t doing me any favors.

So I’m really trying to work on the whole me – getting better sleep, eating better food, and exercising – with the primary goal of shrinking my waistline and all of the usual ancillary goals that come along with it. I had a good start last fall when I started walking for the Heart Walk, although eventually it got cold and Christmas got busy and I tapered off. This year I want to continue that effort and also build on it with things like this new exercise program that I can do indoors regardless of the frigid Floridian cold snap that may be taking place outside!

I’ve only done a handful of workouts so far, but I really like the attitude and the approach that the coach for this program takes – it’s very kind and understanding and encouraging, not overbearing and loud like so many fitness coaches seem to be. I love how he offers different ways to do each thing based on what your body can handle so that I’m not just worried about my form throughout the entire workout.

Plus, the way he ends it – “You just paid it into your body…” – is a nice sentiment. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently focused on our finances and looking for ways to improve savings and investments and whatnot, so it’s a great analogy to think about investing in myself, too!

Aside from the workouts themselves, I’m also trying to do a lot of other little things – walking the dog a couple of times a week, getting to bed earlier, eating better foods and minimizing snacking – trying to find a good balance between working towards something better without giving myself all of these impossible tasks that I’ll never be able to live up to. I think figuring out what works for me is key because while there are a million different opinions on the Internet about anything and everything, I’m the one who has to act on them in order to see results.

Looking forward to blogging more about my progress – hopefully before 2023 rolls around…

A cute pic of my workout buddy – standing his own ground!

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