A Sad Day Under the Sea…

July 12, 2002 1:45am
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There’s been a death in the family. Well, sort of…

I’ve been having some problems with one of my fish tanks for a while now. It seems that its somehow managed to cultivate a type of super algae which I haven’t the faintest idea how to get rid of. It has a bad habit of clogging up my filter in less than a week after I’ve replaced it and that tends to get a bit pricey! I’d noticed the filter overflowing again earlier this week and had planned on changing it, but I’ve been so busy lately with non-disclosable law issues that I just never got around to it.

Well, I finally found time to get around to it last night, but it was too late. I came home from work to find my two oldest goldfish, Bananarama and Frederico sleeping very soundly at the bottom of the tank. “Don’t fish float when they die?” you ask? That just gives you an idea of how big these guys were! I’d had them for nearly five years and were certainly not under-fed during their time with me!

Of course, now I’m faced with two tasks. Figure out a way to get the damn algae out of the tank for good so that I don’t end up losing the other three in the process AND acquire a few new goldfish to replace those who have passed on to that big pond in the sky. Unfortunately, I’m extremely impatient and the thought of waiting years for them to get impressively large again is a very lousy feeling, but nobody ever said that losing those close to you was easy… 🙁

Damn – I almost got that out with a straight face! 😉


Bananarama & Frederico

1997 – 2002

Your legacy will not be forgotten…

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