When it rains, it…well, you know…

September 1, 2004 12:29am
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What a wet-lookin’ day!!!

It was kinda neat watching the thunderstorms come in from the view at work, as you could literally watch the rain move across the land, enveloping one suburb before leaving behind sunshine and moving along to the next – very cool.

It was less than neat, however, trying to come home when I soon discovered that I was nearly out of gas. Never before have I needed an umbrella while pumping gas underneath an awning!!! Also, the power flickered out and that kinda made me nervous, but having the need to wring my pants out before getting back into the car was the last straw – not cool at all.

And I didn’t get to swim tonight because of the lightning…and I’m certainly not getting up early to go do it tomorrow morning, so tomorrow night better be nicer, damn it!

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