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April 13, 2005 1:22am
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  • First off – Leslie and I went over to Disney Saturday for a little pre-vacation relaxation. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but there’s something about that place that can put a smile on this girl’s face like you wouldn’t believe – almost enough to make me want to move to Orlando…
  • …but not thatmuch…
  • Regardless, a good time was had by the both of us. We wandered the World Showcase at Epcot for most of the afternoon (I’d never seen it before, but the 360-degree movie in China was great!), dropped some change in The Art of Disney, and then popped over to the Magic Kingdom for dinner and fireworks. Also, I got to watch some dude’s girlfriend get pissed off at Cosmic Ray’s when they told her they were out of the BBQ Pork. I suppose forty cents means more to some than to others…
  • New Rule:No getting pissed off over stupid shit while you’re on vacation.
  • Back up north, I am VERYhappy to report that my sister is finally getting better – she’s told me this, other people have told me this, and it sounds like she’s finally on her way to getting her life back in order. Mind you, while nothing can erase the previous years and all that we’ve endured, I’m just happy that we’re all able to move on and start acting like a family again…at least for the most part!
  • Also, I’m 99% surethat I’ll be traveling up to Michigan to watch her graduate, with honors. Yes – I’m very proud!
  • Directly before I leave for Michigan, my company is paying for everyone to enjoy a day at Sea World – should be a lot of fun because I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but didn’t feel like dropping $60 / person — this is much better!!!
  • I’ve finallybegun to contact actual real estate agents about buying a house, instead of just looking at photos and newspaper listings, drooling all the way (wasn’t that an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?). My main ounce of hope lies in a particular agent who boasted four gorgeous homes, with pools, within my price range, so keep your fingers crossed and let us hope that the market is still ripe for the pickins!
  • Countdown to Disney Vacation: 15 days. Reservations have been made for a relaxing three-day weekend at Disney’s Port Orleans: French Quarter Resort and we’re both really excited! After two years without a break, I’m so ready for this… 🙂

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