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September 23, 2007 11:51pm
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Sara’s been working just crazy hours lately … try not getting home until 2:00am … by choice, though, to help pay off bills and get us moved next month. The good part about that is the money has been helpful and somewhat of an end is in sight, the bad that we rarely ever get to see each other except for an hour here or there or on the weekend! In fact, this was the first weekend in a while that she’s had both days off, so to say that it was a good weekend is a bit of an understatement…

evening fun at the Magic Kingdom
Last night we went over to Disney (yes, again…) to check out the refurbishments at the Haunted Mansion. Technically they re-opened last weekend, but we only had time for a few hours then and were more in the mood for Epcot anyways, but this was just as good. I think we maybe waited five minutes to get in the door, only because the cut-off was literally right before us, but we were still in momentarily. As for the updates, it was kind of hard for me to distinguish what has changed just because it’s been so long since I’ve ridden, but there were a lot of really cool effects – namely the MC Escher room with the stairs and the floating crystal ball. I’m sure there were other changes, but I wouldn’t know.

Other than that, it rained a bit and we learned where the best places to watch the electric parade and fireworks aren’t, but it was still a good time. We ended up getting park-wide fast passes at Big Thunder Mountain because it shut down right before we were about to board, so we rode Space Mountain instead and then tried our hands at Buzz Lightyear on three separate runs – always good times! Rounding off the evening with ice cream at Ghiradelli at Downtown Disney, it was a nice, little getaway from the stressful world that Tampa has been recently.

Ant Attack
Our kitchen is currently seeing the aftermath of a massive sugar ant invasion. I uncovered swarm after swarm while doing dishes yesterday, which lead to a spraying down of the entire counter area, less the stovetop…which they’ve all made refuge to at this point. Sara sprayed some really nasty stuff around the door where they’ve been coming in when we got home, so while we may be dead from the fumes by morning, with any luck so will the ants. Keep your fingers crossed…

We have an officiant!
Of course, the biggest news is that as of about 3:00pm this afternoon, we now officially have an officiant for our wedding, which given all the problems and roadblocks we’ve had on this road in the past, is quite the relief! I was very pleased because although I’m more touchy about this part because of my own beliefs, the Reverrend was very helpful and is intent on helping us create a ceremony that’s just right for us. As we walked out the door, I told Sara that I wish more religious folks were like him because he ended up being very easy to talk to and needless to say, this part has been particularly apprehensive to me! I also learned more from this guy about weddings in the hour and a half we sat with him than from everyone else who’s tried to sell us their services along the way – I’d definitely recommend him to anyone else who’s in need of an officiant, and our ceremony’s still over a year away!

End with a relaxing evening…
After running a boatload of errands around town, we finally made it home and have enjoyed the last several hours just chilling, eating dinner, watching the premieres of The Simpsons and Family Guy on FOX … the Family Guy rendition of Star Wars is now quite possibly one of my favorite episodes ever! Tomorrow we both go back to work – back to the real world, and all of the chaos that it offers. But hope is in sight on many distinct fronts – I’ve been writing more lately, so my website might go back up this year yet; Sara’s car and my furniture may very well get paid off this year yet, even though we found even more new furniture that we’d like for the new house while we were out today!; and in another month, we will get to pack all of this stuff up and move. Busy times, those are the days of our lives…

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