F’ing Dirty Bones!!!!!

March 1, 2012 6:16pm
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I don’t know if Cleo is purposely trying to push my buttons, but she’s certainly doing a damn fine job of it!

So we’ve been known to give her bones from time to time, occasionally as a reward, but let’s face it – more likely as a bribe when we really need to get something done that requires a lack of Cleo-intervention. This normally works out well for everyone – we buy them in bulk from Petco for about $1.50/bone, and in return said bone typically buys us an hour or so of peace and quiet. Cleo’s happy, we’re happy – everybody’s happy … well, that is until she decided to start hoarding them…

…hoarding them outside, anyways…

You see, normally if anything she might hide one of her bones in the blankets of our bed or under a couch cushion, and it’s all cute and funny because she’s so intent about what she’s doing, even though nobody else in the house has any desire whatsoever to actually steal one of her bones! But the problem comes when she decided that it was far safer to store her most prized of treasures outside … underground … in the dirt, because well, as you might guess where this is going – who in their right mind wants to eat outside?! … and thus she brings said dirt-covered bones back indoors, proceeding to track dirty nastiness all over my freshly cleaned carpets!

It’s bullshit, I tell you! Bullshit…

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