17 Things I Love About Technology in 2017

June 3, 2017 1:30pm
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  • My home broadband speed today is 150x faster than the whopping 1 Mbps cable modem that I first got back in 2000.
  • The Internet has allowed me to become friends online with people from all over the world who I’ve never met in person.
  • I honestly don’t feel that guilty about letting my son play games on his iPad because the educational value and everything that he’s learned from them at only three years old is just incredible!
  • Smartphones have gradually evolved to allow a full Internet experience anywhere I go and not just “the mobile Internet” that we first had to deal with.
  • Publishing has become so simplified that pretty much anyone can write a blog or put out an ebook or even a print book with a reasonable amount of time and effort.
  • Access to information – both useful and mundane – is commonplace, whether you want to learn more about the Paris Climate Accord or when the first Wonder Woman comics were created.
  • The radio that I listen to in my car via Pandora now actually makes an effort at being customized to my personal tastes.
  • I can watch movies at home in my living room that rival the experience of going to a movie theater.
  • I don’t even have to take my keys out of my pocket to unlock my car door, or start my car for that matter!
  • I can do my job pretty much anywhere that I have a decent Internet connection.
  • Shopping is something that I can do at 2:30am in my underwear without ever having to leave the house, and the prices are usually cheaper to boot.
  • Writing checks and having stamps are no longer a necessity for paying bills.
  • It’s incredibly easy to learn about other cultures and ways of living that are different from my own.
  • I can book hotel and dining reservations for Disney World without ever picking up the phone.
  • It’s easy to share pictures and videos with family on the other side of the country, and also video chat with them, too.
  • Breaking news is truly breaking via mobile notifications and social media.
  • Being proficient in computers and technology is no longer something that gets you called a dork or a nerd.

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