It’s no secret that Hollywood Studios’ Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is easily my favorite holiday happening at Walt Disney World, and knowing how much Christopher responds to flashing lights and colors and whatnot, we knew that if we had to earmark time for one holiday attraction, this was it!

Needless to say, the whole family had an absolute blast – and really, who wouldn’t with a smiling baby in your arms, some hot chocolate in your mug, fake snow falling from the sky, and roughly seven million lights sparking all around?!  :mrgreen:










It was only maybe an hour of our day, but it was one of those Disney moments that I never would’ve imagined was so cool until I got to watch my own kid meeting Mickey and his friends for his very first time!

And I’m sure it’s one of those things that’s going to be completely different another year or two from now when he’s actually awake for the entire experience and can’t sleep the night before we leave and all of that, but I’ve got to say that in ranking moments as a Dad thus far in my newfound parenting career, today was pretty cool! 😉

New Disney Pics … FINALLY!!!

March 23, 2014 3:09pm
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So with all of the pregnancy craziness goings on, we haven’t really been over to Disney … since before Christmas, in fact … which is a long time for our family in general, but even more so as of late when you consider that I recently started writing for the Touring Plans blog.

…and by writing, I mean that I’ve written a whopping one article for them so far and that was more than a month ago…  😕

Fortunately for me, they’d definitely like me to write more, however with considerations taken first for bed rest in general and then especially this last week after having visited the hospital on multiple occasions without notice, it wouldn’t really make me a very responsible husband/future-father if I was two hours away at a theme park when the wife suddenly found that she needed to go back … but thankfully an opportunity surfaced yesterday with all of Sara’s family in town for her baby shower which unexpectedly gave me a chance to dart over to Orlando for the afternoon to snap some pictures for the next handful of articles that have been tumbling around my head that I otherwise haven’t been able to move forward with sans photos.

I ended up spending about six hours running around between Downtown Disney and Epcot, and even though it was a little weird doing so without the wife, admittedly it was a lot more running than stopping to enjoy things, so chances are she probably had a better time eating cake with her feet up and getting showered with gifts, anyways! 😉

Anywho, here’s a sample of some of my favorites – keep your eyes peeled over here for more in the near future…









So admittedly day #3 of our 3-day Disney getaway was a bit shorter than its predecessor, seeing as the pregnant wife was just about out of steam and as much as we both still had a lot that we wanted to see and do, we reluctantly agreed that it simply wasn’t in the cards this go around…

We took advantage of our hotel being in the Magic Kingdom proximity to hit up the holiday decorations around the monorail loop – I think my favorite was the gingerbread tree at the Contemporary because it was something new, whereas the gigantic gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, while cool, was pretty much the same as it is every single year. We were a little disappointed at the Polynesian because they didn’t really have anything special, whereas in the past they usually have a variety of smaller gingerbread tiki huts on display!







After making our rounds, we ended up at Kona for lunch, where we were happy to get seated right away despite not having a reservation or anything! In fact, the last two photos there aren’t really holiday-oriented at all, but simply to show how absolutely gorgeous the afternoon turned out to be … blue skies, frozen drinks (for me, anyways), and a nice, cool breeze to supplement our wandering holiday tour! 😉

After paying homage to the amazing dancing spectacle that is the Osborne Lights, we grabbed some dinner and played a quick round of Toy Story Mania (and saw a service dog riding in one of the cars!) before jumping over to the Magic Kingdom to spend a couple more hours out and about before returning back to our hotel. We actually already caught part of the Christmas decor last month when they were first putting everything up, but it’s still fun … albeit very busy … once everything is all in place!

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize between us that Wishes is Holiday Wishes from here through the end of the year, so we were walking through Frontierland when the show started and ended up watching the rest from Liberty Square … which isn’t exactly ideal, but oh well. An unexpected highlight, on the other hand, was the holiday version of the Jungle Cruise, or the Jingle Cruise as they’re calling it – it’s pretty much the same cruise as before, but now it’s been sprinkled with plenty of holiday puns a plenty!

Just be sure to keep an eye out for Sandy Claws… 😯




IMG_6240 IMG_6241


After spending the bulk of the afternoon just laying around, napping and whatnot, we popped over to the Studios for a bit of holiday flare in the form of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

I think if you twisted my arm, I’d have to say that seeing the lights is my all-time favorite Christmas-related thing to do at Disney World – I love the back story with Jennings Osborne striving to ever-impress his daughter, I love all of the minute details that I seem to discover more of every year, I love the snow that falls from the sky that I don’t have to worry about shoveling afterwards! It’s just an amazing presentation and we’ve missed out the last couple of years, so it was pretty much my #1 pick for this special holiday trip…







Reporting to you live from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge this evening where the wife and I will spend the weekend peeping out Christmas decorations around Disney World and whatnot. We’ve never stayed at this one before, although we’re both huge fans of Animal Kingdom Lodge, and so far I’m kind of digging the ambiance … especially with Christmas just around the corner and all! Very rustic, lots of wooded and animal-centric decor – in a way it kind of reminds me of back home, except with triple the temperature to where I can still walk around in shorts at midnight and feel perfectly comfortable… 😉

Did I mention that their Christmas wreaths have antlers in them??? Trying to keep my guard up while I’m out taking pictures – for all I know, I could run into Gaston around any corner!

photo (15)

One last pic – this one of the super yummy peppermint cupcake that I’m enjoying while writing this here blog post! Life is sweet… 😉

photo (17)

Just one other quick post with some random photos that I wanted to share – after the movie, we slipped over to the Magic Kingdom to walk around for a bit and I was a little surprised to see the majority of the Christmas decorations already up!

And here I’m not allowed to put anything up until after Thanksgiving … from what I could tell, they pretty much had everything save for the Christmas trees themselves in place. The garlands down Main Street were all lit, which I can never seem to get a decent picture of, the castle lights were lit and a part of the nighttime shows … another sight that apparently my iPhone camera didn’t feel like capturing, but one thing that it was willing to entertain was a few photos inside the Christmas shop in Liberty Square, which had some cute merchandise and I don’t simply say that because some of it was baby related and, well, you know!

The last few are ones that I kind of enjoyed from the window displays outside of The Emporium, where they now have the highlights from A Christmas Carol.  Do you have any idea how much that last scene used to scare the crap out of me as a kid?!  😕










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