More Cleaning Mayhem

I’m so tired of cleaning.

I can’t believe that even after spending damn near every single night at the old house for the last week, plus working all day today, we’ve still got such a ridiculous amount of work left to do before we give the keys back to our landlord next Thursday.  I mean, we’ve made a lot of headway … I guess you just don’t realize how much work it takes to completely scour a place from top to bottom when it comes time to actually move your things and get out.

I honestly don’t think that we’ve ever put this much effort into cleaning someplace we’ve rented before, which is kind of ironic because it’s been the shortest time I’ve ever lived in one place since I moved to Florida! Seriously, the last house that we lived in for 3.5 years didn’t get as thorough of a cleaning … though maybe some of it is just perception because if memory serves, we pretty much cleaned out our last house in one crazy, 12-hour stretch, as opposed to doing a few hours each night over the course of a couple of weeks.

Still, I’m pretty sure that if you did the math, hours spent at this place would be vastly higher than any other place I’ve had to vacate during my time as a wandering tenant.

I suppose if anything, there’s solace in knowing that as a homeowner now, unless I buy a new house I shouldn’t ever have to go through all of this again!

…and if I do, it’s going to be a waterfront mansion, so in that case I ought to be rich enough to afford someone to come in and clean up after me, too…  😀

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