File swapping vs. Hollywood

“While P2P technology unquestionably can be employed for a variety of legitimate purposes without giving rise to rampant copyright infringement, the record…suggests that (the file-swapping software companies) have built their particular P2P networks around the ‘draw’ of massive copyright infringement,” the solicitor general’s brief read. They “cannot evade liability…merely by pointing to other, legitimate uses of the technology.” <<MORE>>

Yeah, just like “gay people contaminate the good people of our country,” and “my Dad is tougher than your Dad.” Could we please have a leader who is capable of thinking on a 20th century level???

2 Responses to Another reason why 53% of Americans voted the wrong way…

  1. bunnysteve says:

    Yeah. The fucking box has been opened. Now live with it! 🙂

  2. badgie says:


    What? It’s the sad, sad truth.

    *sighs* I hate my life. 😉

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