Dream Journal : Burrito Battle Dog

January 3, 2013 10:51am
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So admittedly this one was pretty weird…

A crowd of people were gathered around a snowy field, watching and waiting for a fight.

I was close to the front – apparently I was maybe a “competitor” somehow – and so I had a good view of what was about to take place. Two corners, divided by some kind of track dug into the snow, and at each end were two robots … robot dogs.

And what made it really weird was when I realized that my side only had one robot dog, and the other position was taken by my actual dog, Cleo!

I was worried for a few minutes – why was my dog going to be fighting robots??? Surely she didn’t stand a chance against these metal beasts, right?!

Then I saw the thing that changed everything – for whatever reason, one of the opposing robot dogs had a giant burrito strapped to its back, and a moment later when Cleo noticed it, too, she just went ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NUTS!!! 

I’d seen her bark incessantly at the neighbors in their driveway, or do all but tear through the front door to get at the squirrel hanging out in our tree in the front yard, but this was much, much different! It was like she turned into a rabid, frenzied version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and when the bell rang to start the fight that also consequently woke me up, I knew that Cleo wasn’t the one to be worried about in this battle… 😉

This morning while I was finishing up in the bathroom, I looked over to see Cleo scurry under the bed a couple of feet away in our bedroom.

The first thing that popped into my mind was that scene from the Garfield Christmas Special where Odie sneaks out into the barn to build Garfield’s present in secret – a homemade back scratcher made from random parts around the farm! 😀

Instead of a thoughtful and also practical gift beneath the bed, though, all I found was a tattered pack of travel Kleenex that she had stolen a while back and had apparently stashed under the bed to enjoy when the rest of us were otherwise occupied. You can tell from the photo that she wasn’t too thrilled of me discovering her secret hiding place, or of the flash on the camera that I had to use to get a photo under the otherwise dark bed.

I’ll have to play her the special again later – maybe she’ll catch on for next year… 🙄

A Second Dog, or Maybe Not???

October 24, 2012 8:20pm
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So where do I start?!

We’ve been watching Cleo’s brother, Jake, for the last couple of days. It was an arrangement partially made in appreciation of our friend watching Cleo at the last minute while we were up in New York for funeral stuff all week, and also partially as a reluctant trial for us to see if it would be right for us to adopt Jake and have a second dog in our home.

Not for nothing, but so far the case isn’t too strong in his favor!

It’s been something that both Sara and our friend who’s been fostering him have wanted to see for a while, but I’ve always been adamant up until now that I just thought that two dogs would be too much … that my evening walks wouldn’t be the same, and that our house would become hopelessly trashed, etc, etc… I guess I finally felt an ounce of sympathy after dealing with Sara’s grandma passing the other week, so I suggested that we give him a try for a few weeks and see how he does. And honestly, we were kinda hoping that maybe having a buddy around would kind of calm Cleo down a bit so that she isn’t so hyper and jumpy all of the time, but so far, that’s been precisely the opposite of the effect that has been witnessed here in the Sevener household! 🙁

You name it – there’s been fighting, there’s been peeing on the carpet, there’s been destruction of shoes, and at this point he’s only been here for three days!!! We’re still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt – at least 2-3 weeks minimum before we really make a decision – but it’s a little disheartening to feel like we’re moving backwards after having long-since talked Cleo out of her shoe-gnawing days. We did have a handful of incidents while we were gone where she peed inside, but honestly I think a lot of that was probably just confusion for not knowing where we were disappearing to for weeks at a time! Now that we’re back, though, I’d appreciate it if the pee went outside in the grass as opposed to inside all over my nice, clean carpet…

Also, that magical dual-leash do-jigger you see above – I’m honestly surprised to see just how well it sorta worked! I’ve officially used it twice so far and they most definitely do get tangled on occasion, especially if they both fall back simultaneously on opposite sides of me! But it’s definitely loads easier than trying to hold two separate leashes – there’s just no way that that was happening again, and at least this keeps them relatively close to one another as opposed to splitting me down the middle like a wishbone! My one big concern – if we do end up keeping Jake, I’ll definitely want to seek out a heavier duty version of it, not so much for the straps, but frankly I don’t know how much I can trust those little, metal clips holding onto their harnesses – seems like one good, coordinated tug and that metal would snap like it’s nobody’s business! 😯

Well, that’s all for now – I’ll try to remember to post more next week after we see if time helps him to settle in a bit. Something tells me that having two dogs in the house is going to make handing out candy for trick-or-treaters a whole lot of fun…  🙄

choosing a dog hotel…

August 28, 2012 9:00pm
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It’s actually not that easy…

(don’t get any ideas – I haven’t, and will never, actually see that movie)

The last time we went on vacation, I’m pretty sure we just used regular, old travel sites and then checked to see if they allowed dogs when we found a few that we liked. We ended up being really happy with our choice … part of it might have been that because it was right around Christmas, the place seemed like it was just about empty, so we didn’t feel at all guilty when Cleo occasionally barked because she thought she’d heard a noise outside the door or something. I’m not sure if we ever even saw anybody else on our floor for the three nights that we were there, so it was kinda nice!

Now we’re getting ready to drive up to Michigan for a couple of weeks of vacation, so we need to find pet-friendly place to crash overnight because 1,385-miles is just way too far to drive in one shot. I found this site – BringFido.com – that seems kinda cool because essentially they’ve compiled lists of only dog-friendly hotels, and you can browse them directly on the map to see what’s within range of a given location or whatever. They also tell you what the particular pet fee is for each one, which I found pretty important because there are definitely some that call themselves pet-friendly, but then end up having such high pet fees that you’d either have to be nuts or rich to actually stay there! For the Christmas trip, we did pick a slightly nicer hotel because it was Christmas and we knew we’d be there for several days, whereas this time we don’t really need anything special – we’ll probably be there less than 12 hours, tops – just long enough to grab some shut-eye after driving for 12 hours straight.

And chances are with a cheaper motel, it’ll be even harder to tell if Cleo accidentally pees on the carpet, so there’s always that, too!  😮

Dog Shaming – why didn’t I think of this?!?!?!

August 28, 2012 6:15pm
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This. Site. Is. Awesome!!!

“That’s it, Cleo – next time I catch you acting up, you’re going on the Internet!”  :mrgreen:

I guess you could say that she’s Bad to the Bone!

August 14, 2012 12:20am
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I love the facial expression that I was able to capture here! Sometimes she gets very possessive if you try to come anywhere near her while she’s gnawing away, but surprisingly this time she was just as happy as can be and even let me pet her while she was going to town on her new house bone

The “Grrrrr!”-look was icing on the cake!

frustrated with fireworks

July 14, 2012 11:45pm
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Let’s be clear – the 4th of July was 10 days ago.

And yet here tonight, on the fourteenth of July, people around my neighborhood are still shooting off fireworks in the dead of night in celebration of god knows what!

Now normally I’m a pretty big fan of fireworks, as noted by the numerous fireworks photos that I’ve taken over at Disney World throughout the years, but you see, the thing is – my puppy doesn’t come with me when I go to watch fireworks over there. And not only because they won’t let her in the front gate, but also because she’s really, really afraid of fireworks.

The reason I bring all of this up is that ever since she got spooked last week when we tried to walk her a few hours before it even got dark on the 4th, puppy hasn’t wanted anything to do with outdoors and has taken to spending a lot more time hiding in the closet than she normally does. I haven’t been able to get her to go on walks with me since – we’ll get a few houses down the street and then she’ll panic and want to come back home again, trembling all the way.

I don’t understand why Floridians want to celebrate everything with explosives. You had your fun around the 4th, so now give it a rest so that I can go back to walking my dog at 11pm in peace!!!  🙁

Cleo’s Fish

July 7, 2012 2:10pm
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It’s kind of weird – Cleo has taken a real interest in my fish as of late, like she just finally noticed that there are living, breathing creatures just like her swimming around in there! She seems to be particularly interested in the algae eater, though I’m pretty sure that he can’t hear her barking back at him from behind the glass and water…  😛

…now as long as we can keep her from jumping up on the glass and tipping the whole 40 gallons over…

Why will my dog not stop humping the air?!?!?!

June 17, 2012 4:13pm
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I’m not supposed to be posting this picture because Sara says that it’s too embarrassing for Cleo, but I just can’t help myself.

If I knew how to make animated GIFs, this would make for a hilarious LiveJournal icon back in 2004…  8)

Memorial Dog Weekend

May 27, 2012 8:27pm
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So we’ve been watching Jake again for the last couple of days while his owner went out of town…

The first night was ­ear-riffic as usual – I tried to referee as best I could, but Cleo kept trying to bite her brother’s ear off and in return, he’d try to force himself upon her sexually, so seriously … would YOU intervene at that point?! 😯

Thankfully things seemed to settle down a bit the following day.  We were going to try and take them to the beach again this weekend, but it’s been kind of rainy and I’m not really getting as much done as I’d wanted to, so instead we’ve just been staying around the house and I’ve been hiding away in my office focused on big old project #1.

Nonetheless, here are some new puppy pictures for your enjoyment… 😉

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